Ops… sometimes everything doesn’t go like planed…


As I have mentioned several times, macarons can be hard to get the hang of. A lot can go wrong while baking them, and not being careful measuring the ingredient is the first step towards failure.

Failed macarons

A while back I made two different macarons at the same time, and I decided to split the meringue in two by eye. (I planed to add ground almonds to one part, and ground almonds and pistachios to the other.) Everything looked good, until I baked them. The result you see above … What to learn? You can measure by eye making bread or buns, not when you make macarons! (I would also recommend to use the measurements in grams in the recipes instead of those in cups. They are much more precise.)

However, failed macarons still taste delicious! No need to throw them in the bin. Eat them as biscuits, or crush them and use the crumbs as a topping on ice cream or fruit salad. Put the crumbs in a box and put in the freezer, and you can enjoy your failed macarons for a long time to come :)

Do you have tips on how to use failed macarons? Feel free to leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Ops… sometimes everything doesn’t go like planed…

  1. Oh, I just found your blog through a comment you had left on a Martha Stewart recipe post! So glad I did! A blog just for macarons – how wonderful! Well, the reason why I was looking at macaron recipes is that I made a batch yesterday and all the shells had totally cracked. Ugly, but still delicious, as you said. I still went ahead and filled them with a chocolate ganache (rather a lot of crumbles though) and instead of giving them away (they were too ugly), my family had to eat them. :) My recipe had worked perfectly in the past, so I was looking for inspiration as to what might have gone wrong. I’ll definitely check out your site – cannot wait!!!

  2. Hi Christine, I agree with you that you need to measure ingredient quantities very carefully! I have found that adding extra liquid to the mixture (eg colourings, essences) must be done with caution.

    I’m currently looking for a reliable plain macaron recipe to make that produces a decent quantity of biscuits. I saw you comment on the Martha Stewart blog about macarons, where I also saw a comment saying that THAT recipe only makes 12… Do you have any recommendations for recipes that make larger quantities?