Base recipe

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5 thoughts on “Base recipe

  1. Hi again, this looks like an easy recipe! What quantity of almonds to you end up with after they are processed down? (I am using pre-ground almonds). Also, about how many eggs will give you enough egg whites? Thanks :)

  2. hi, loving this page, tried a few times now, but mine Always seems to end up rather thin and a bit hollow on the downside…any ideas of what im doing wrong?

    1. Hi! Good to hear that you like my blog :) If the macarons end up thin, you often have overmixed the batter. The hollowness is a bit more tricky. Mine end up a bit hollow as well, quite often. If you want to eliminate this, it is easiest to use a more complicated baking metode with italian merengue. I like to not complicate things more than nessesary, so I find this not worth the time. I think the macarons taste great anyway :) If you like to try, google italian macarons, and you will find plenty of recipes.

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